Love’s Embrace: A Journey Through Ariana and Amir’s Wedding

The Journey Begins: Villa Bled Welcome

Friday, a day painted with the hues of anticipation, witnessed the couple's first steps into forever. Villa Bled, adorned with love, became the canvas for their story. The welcome drink was not just a sip of liquid; it was a toast to the beginning of a lifetime. And as the legend foretold, Amir carried Ariana up the 100 stairs, every step echoing the promise of a shared journey.

A Sunny Saturday: Švicerija Wedding

Under the caress of Saturday's sun, the scene shifted to Švicerija. Here, amidst the whispers of nature and the embrace of cultural richness, Ariana and Amir exchanged vows. The air was thick with promises, and the ceremony became a dance of tradition and modern love. Each word spoken, a melody; each glance, a chapter in their tale.

Persian Ceremony and Cultural Splendor

The Persian ceremony unfurled like a tapestry, woven with threads of tradition and cultural splendor. The colors danced, telling stories of ancestors, and the rituals echoed through time. The scent of flowers mingled with the promises, creating an atmosphere where love and culture embraced. Every moment, a brushstroke painting the canvas of their union.

A Night to Remember: Crazy Party and Beautiful Speeches

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the day transformed into a canvas of vibrant joy. Laughter echoed, and the dance floor became a stage for the celebration of love. Amidst the lively beats, speeches painted the night with emotion. Each word spoken carried the weight of the couple's journey, and each dance step was a celebration of the love that bound them.

Wedding Location: Švicarija Tivoli Ljubljana
Wedding planner: DaPetra
Photographer: Aljaz Hafner
MUA IMakeUpSasa
Hair: Empera

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