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I am Miloš Milošević, a destination wedding filmmaker located in Slovenia and available worldwide. In addition to my passion for music and all things creative, I am also the owner of a video production brand that specializes in capturing your story according to your wishes.

My interest in filmmaking started in the era of analog video recorders, which I used to record mountain bikers and skateboarders, not always successfully but always with enthusiasm. Since my beginnings, I have honed my craft by gaining experience, persistently developing my skills, and keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the field. Over the years, I grew and evolved, but despite all the changes that time has brought, my love for the art of cinematography remains unwavering.


Since ancient times, people have been captivated by a good story, as it possesses the unique ability to simultaneously move the world and freeze time, if only just for a moment. Good storytellers have therefore always sought new ways to tell their stories. If you believe that a wedding video is simply a well-established form that is rarely impacted by innovation, think again. It is an artistic battleground of ideas, approaches, desires and visions.

Over the past thirteen years in the business, I have witnessed significant changes, both from a technical perspective and in the ways stories are told. My wedding stories are fresh, modern, and in tune with global trends, and I have perfected my skills as a master storyteller. All of this is thanks to those who desire good stories – my clients

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