A wedding storytelling video is a remarkable investment that ensures your wedding day lives on forever. It captures the emotions, love, and joy that surrounded you, allowing you to relive every moment and share your love story with the world. With its ability to transport you back to that magical day, this video becomes a priceless keepsake, preserving memories that will be cherished for generations. So, embrace the magic of wedding storytelling videos and let your love story unfold on screen, forever capturing the essence of your special day.

LOCATION: Castello di Spessa
Photographer: Urška & Domen photography

corpo films

Companies that invest time in creating content for various channels and engaging with their audience online are investing in progress. Whether your company aims to retain existing customers or attract new ones, the approach is the same: you need to have a strong market presence with relevant and compelling content. With high-quality videos, you can not only showcase your company’s story, but also demonstrate that your business is keeping pace with the times.
Effective video presentations of your company can help you showcase your products, services, and expertise, and assist your customers in making informed decisions about collaborating with you. These videos can range from short clips for Instagram to longer pieces for your website, but regardless of the format, they should capture your unique brand identity and engage your audience. 

CLIENT: Cookinox
Photographer: Peter Zakrajšek